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Courier + MySQL (was exim+mysql)

Still working on the virtual domains using MySQL. Found an excellent article at
http://www.tty1.net/virtual_domains_en.html if anyone is interested.

My problem is with Courier. I installed the courier-authmysql package, followed the info in
:/usr/share/doc/courier-authmysql, then threw it all away and followed the info at the above
site, and am still getting invalid authentication.

I have tailed my /var/log/mysql/mysql.log and see no activity. I am assuming it is because
Courier is not talking to the server. Also looked at the mysql.err file and see nothing there,
nor in auth, daemon, message or syslog indicating courier is actually trying to talk to mysql.

Any suggestions? I have attached the configurations if anyone has the time to look at them.



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