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RE: You can start saving now

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I have had the same email account for a number of years. Early on, I
subscribed to everything. Currently, I received from 400 to 700 email per
day. I get very little spam through the debian account although SpamPal may
be catching it. SpamPal catches 80% using black lists.

The gentleman getting the spam from this list may find the address has been
spoofed. I'm receiving 10 - 20 messages a day saying my email was
rejected -- and I didn't send it. Most of those appear to be virus related.

The only simple solution seems to be changing your email account every year.

I believe Yahoo, Microsoft and others have talked about creating a mail
server registration system but no one is making any visible progress.
Whoever (maybe this group) comes up with the 'new and improved' email will
make the biggest improvement to the Internet since DNS.

Until then - we will run gateway and individual PC filters.

Greg Wood

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Somebody please make this list member-only. I am sick of the spam I receive
through this list, it is my main source of spam.


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