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Re: Catchall for Exim 3.35

This one time, at band camp, Adam Dawes said:
> Hi all,
> I'm doing some spam research and need to configure my exim so that it 
> accepts all incoming mail and shunts those with invalid addresses into a 
> catchall address.  Basically, I want to mimick how Exchange servers 
> accept everything. I believe the following will do it for Exim 4, but 
> when I try it with my 3.35 installation, it chokes on all incoming 
> messages. I was hoping someone might have a snippet that I could use in 
> my exim.conf that would do the trick.
> catchall:
>   driver = smartuser
>   new_address: catchall@example.com
> thanks,
> Adam

Change the lsearch to an lsearch* for the /etc/aliases lookup, and do
this in /etc/aliases:

*: catchall@example.com

I think that will work (can't remember if lsearch* is in exim3 or not,

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