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Re: sparc64 bridging

On Sat, 2004-05-01 at 12:17, Axel Scheepers wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure if I should post it here, if it's not appropiate please excuse
> me for doing so.
> I'm currently looking into alternatives for solaris to put some ultrasparc
> hardware in use at our isp. We mainly use freebsd, but I'm having major
> problems running the latest releases on this hardware.
> Anyway, I just installed debian on a sparc64 machine and upgraded it to
> testing to be able to run the 2.6.5 kernel. I wanted to use this machine as
> a bridging firewall for some cobalt machines we run, but I can't create a
> bridge.
> I have the bridge module loaded, and 'brctl addbr br0' doesn't give an error
> nor error exit code. When I run 'brctl show' it doesn't show my newly
> created bridge, and I can't create any further configs with it or delete it,
> it just isn't there.
> I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong here, as far as I can tell the commands I
> used are correct. Was it a bad idea to upgrade to 2.6.5? (I really like some
> features of it which imho brings it way closer to a bsd kernel)
> Since I needed to recompile the kernel anyway it seemed like a good choice
> to build 2.6.5, I never tried it with a 2.4.24 kernel.
> To be sure about things I've already tried to
> - enable ip forwarding
> - build it into the kernel instead of a module
> - ifconfig'd ethN promisc up all interfaces
> but all have no effect.
> I'm not (yet) subscribed to this list, could you please cc me in a response?
> Thanks,
> Kind regards,
> Axel Scheepers

Have you already tried these:


What hardware are you running on that freebsd isn't compatible with?
Seeing as how it doesn't, it'd be nice of you to post it to the freebsd
list, so others know what's up.

Dan Vande More

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