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Re: Short term (1 day) Internet rentals for hotel

Am 2004-04-30 11:05:52, schrieb Gregory Wood:
>Gents -
>I have a potential customer with a hotel with 250 rooms. He wants to sell
>Internet access. This is his second hotel. I will go look at the first but
>he hasn't been pleased with that system.
>The plan is to wire each room with cat5. It appears I will need managed
>switches so that I can lock down a specific port to a specific room. I have
>found several 'Internet Cafe' software packages but this is a little
>Any ideas (Debian or not, open source or not) and comments would be

Why not block the whole IP-Block ?
The if a client like to have Access he get an fixed IP from you

Then make an textinterface where you can set iprules for the 
Clients IP.

Or use Managed Switches like the "3Com Superstack III 4300" 
But the Price is hot !!!

>Gregory Wood


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