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Re: domain registrar recommendation?

Am 2004-04-30 00:45:39, schrieb Dan MacNeil:
>Right now most of our domains are registered with register.com, support is
>good, they provide DNS but... $35 per domain per year is pretty steep.


>0) Business integrity (no network solutions please)


>1) Almost perfect uptime

amen.fr ist realy good

>2) Ease of administration/support

Do not know...

>3) price

12 Euros + SalesTax per year

>4) Ease of transferring domains to us when we become a registrar.

I use for DNS-Hosting <http://www.zoneedit.com/> 

Registration ist done at amen.fr
Curently I am running 156 Domains and around 600 Hosts...

Oh yes, ZoneEdit is only as Secondary DNS configured. 

I habe my own PRIMARY at home with bind9, postgresql, php4 and Apache

Registered Linux-User #280138 with the Linux Counter, http://counter.li.org/ 

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