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Mirror set up

Hi ppl,
	I'm mirroring the debian server to simplify instalation and uptdate
in my network, everything goes fine though I have some doubts, and one
little problem.
	I'm making the mirror for i386 and hurd but I'm having several
files/dirs for other architectures. All of them start in a directory like

and so on

	I've the following exclude set:

EXCLUDE=" --exclude binary-alpha/ --exclude binary-arm/ --exclude \
 binary-m68k/ --exclude binary-powerpc/ --exclude binary-sparc/ \
 --exclude binary-ia64/ --exclude binary-mips*/ --exclude binary-hppa/ \
 --exclude binary-sh/ --exclude binary-s390/ \
 --exclude *_alpha.deb --exclude *_arm.deb \
 --exclude *_m68k.deb --exclude *_powerpc.deb --exclude *_sparc.deb \
 --exclude *_ia64.deb --exclude *_hppa.deb --exclude *_sh.deb \
 --exclude *_mips.deb --exclude *_mipsel.deb --exclude *_s390.deb
 --exclude disks-alpha/ --exclude disks-arm/ \
 --exclude disks-ia64/ --exclude disks-m68k/ --exclude disks-mips*/  \
 --exclude disks-powerpc/  --exclude disks-s390/  --exclude disks-sparc/ \

If i add to this list the dirs:

installer-sparc and the other, will that be enough?

Shuld I delete those dirs, place the excludes and the rerune the anonftpsync
script, or do i need to do something else. And if I wont to add another
arch. do I only need to remove the excludes and thats all ?

Well may be those are silly questions but I just wont to do it the right

Thanks to u all


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