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Using the autoresponder

Thank you for your mail which is being automatically answered.
If you require a human response, please email helpdesk@demon.net

Alternatively, you can request help documents for a wide range
of topics, by emailing support@demon.net and supplying the
following subject line (in lower case only please):

Subject: send filename

where filename refers to the document you want, eg.windows.

The following documents are available:

welcome            Useful information about Demon Internet
config             Demon Internet configuration guide
joinform           An application form for joining Demon Internet
services           Details of services offered
access             Conditions of Internet Access
conds-sdu          Conditions of Use for a Standard Dial Up account
pops               A list of all Demon's points of prescence
pop3               Information on Demon's Standard Dialup POP3 Service
sdps-tech          Technical information on Standard Dialup POP3 Service
test               A standard test message
newsaup            Acceptable Use Policy for articles posted to news
hpaup             Homepages service Acceptable Use Policy
mailaup            Acceptable Use Policy for use of email
ascend             Information on connecting to an Ascend server
isdn               Information on using ISDN to connect to Demon
acorn              Acorn Archimedes
amiga              Commodore Amiga
batchftp           Help on using the Demon batchftp service
chameleon          Configuring the Netmanage Chameleon sampler
cache	           Setting up your web browser to use the Demon WWW proxy
ka9q               PC DOS systems running the Demon DIS software
linux              Machines running Slackware Linux
mac                Apple Macintosh
mail-forward       Setting up Mail Forwarding accounts
modem              Configuring your modem for an Internet connection
nokia              Configuring a Nokia 9000 internet connection
nt-demon           PC systems running Microsoft Windows NT
nt4                Accessing from Windows/NT Version 4
raencode           Encoding RealAudio for use on Homepages
tnt                Using very old modems on the Ascend TNT's
webmail            Using the WebMail service
webpassword        Using the WebPassword service
windows            PC systems running Microsoft Windows
win95              PC systems running Microsoft Windows95
webgraphics        How to optimise graphics for use on the WWW
news-acorn         Info on changing news download time on the acorn
news-amiga         Info on changing news download time on the Amiga
news-atari         Info on changing news download time on the Atari
news-dos           Info on changing news download time in DIS/KA9Q
news-mac           Info on changing news download time on the Mac
news-turnpike      Info on changing news download time with Turnpike
news-windows       Info on changing news download time with DISWIN
news-unix          Info on changing news download time with slurp
ftp                How to use FTP to transfer files
ftpdemon           How to transfer files to and from Demon's servers
tpc                How to use the email to Facsimile gateway
www                Information about Demon Commercial Web services
Demon Support Responder   (support@demon.net) 1.3-KL7

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