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Re: RaiserFS via NFS

Marcel Hicking wrote:
--Sunday, April 18, 2004 10:14:22 +0200 Michelle Konzack

Am I right in that nobody on the list knows whether or not any advantage
to running raiserFS is swallowed by NFS?

RaiserFs is a realy fast filesystem for very much smal files....

Well, from bad experience: Reiser seems to have exactly to states:
"Working" and "dead".  As long as it's working it's very nice.
But once you experience problems there's nothing between those two.
We had several machines (fortunately no customer systems) just
dying with no trace of the source of the problem (RAID5-SCSI-
hardware without any faults).  They just suddenly died with
filesystem error.  With all machines we had no luck rebuilding
the  filesystem.  Just out of couriosity I contacted several
Linux support company (including SuSE as one of the major
supporers of Reiser and the very helpful guys at Bytec)
but none could help but most did second our experience with
Reiser.  But as usual, YMMV.

Cheers, Marcel

Well, certainly my mileage did vary with reiserfs. The only failiures that have ocurred here, are due to faulty hardware, and they don't happen that often. The last one got a bit nasty, it required a reiserfsck --rebuild-tree, it recovered almost everything (including a fsckd up superblock), and I was most impressed with the results. The rebuild tree process for the 340 G array, took about 2.5 hours.

One recomendation is to always use the latest reiserfs-tools from upstream in case of need, as the developers are constantly improving them.


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