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Re: [mailinglists] SSH More Than Port Forwarding


why not use LVS (Linux Virtual Server) its a kernel-based
load balancing system. check their web page: www.linuxvirtualserver.org
afaik. be sure to check keepalived, too. its a userspace server
managing the LVS system. great software...


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Subject: [mailinglists] SSH More Than Port Forwarding

> I've done some neat things in the past using SSH port forwarding,
> offering services from my local server on the internet via my public
> servers. Is there anyway I can forward all the traffic from a single IP
> on my Public server to my local server? Making a new kind of VPS
> (Virtual Public server). I have seen some people offer a this service
> but I can't find any documentation on how to do it. Has anyone done this
> befor with ssh ?
> Cheers
> Jody
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