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Re: cisco and t1 line question

What sort of interface cards are you running on the cisco? What type of lines are they? I take it they are structured, otherwise verizon wouldn't be mentioning the encoding problem. Are both routers under your control?

This could be that case but i doubt it. I would imagine that the problem is somewhere between the two locations, and the line is not 100% transparent. Some piece of equipment wants to use one form of encoding, and the ciscos are using something else. From the quick reading I have done, you would be better off using b8zs as you only get 56K channels with ami.



On 16.04.2004, at 16:47, Theodore Knab wrote:

I have a Cisco/Local T1 Loop question.

We have a local T1 line between a building in town and our location.

Verizon leases us the line.

The Verizon line tech says that the linecode is switching between b8zs and ami.

In the router config, the 'line code' for the interface connecting to the T1 is not defined.

Would specifying the 'line code' in the Cisco router config prevent this switching ?

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