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Re: bandwidth [SCANNED]

On 4/12/04 3:20 PM, "Christofer Algotsson" wrote:

> You need at least 256kbps per client (wich is a very low these days).
>> As it's a home building I suppose most of the traffic is web browsing
>> and email checking and most of the activity is at evening/night, when
>> usually I note throtting on my downloads.

Didn't catch where you are but bandwidth in the way of a T-1 or a couple of
t-1's can be had for close to $1000 a month, divide that by 96 dwellers and
you are at $10-20 a month. You can place a debian ran firewall, filter mail
and manage mail all in one box, as well as possibly throttle in/out traffic
and maybe even offer filtered content from the web.
David Thurman
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