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Re: Strabge LDAP problem

There's an explanation of this issue and some suggested workarounds on the (upstream) ldap-pam list, basically as finger knows nothing about ldap, it's better to substitute the 'finger' command with some perl/python/shell script that does the same but queries the ldap server directly.


I remember reading about a 'proper' solution to this issue, but can't find the thread on the list, anyway we've been using our own finger substitute for quite a long time with no problems.

 Please reply to the list

Michael Loftis wrote:
augh disregard my last...sound slike you got that done. long day over here already.

can you turn up debugging on your slapd? loglevel 256 or loglevel 512 are VERY helpful, they log what searches are run--one or both does i can't remember...this way you can find out whats up.

--On Tuesday, March 23, 2004 23:06 -0500 Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> wrote:

Hello all,

I am having the strangest LDAP issue.  We recently migrated a network
from a hodgepdge of system accounts to an all LDAP setup, with the
exception of a few administrative accounts.  All seems to be working
well, except for one thing - finger.  id returns the expected values,
users can log in, mail gets accepted and delivered, everything I can
think of to check works fine, except finger.

Even stranger:
finger -m $user returns expected results, although finger $user returns
'no such user'.  Aha! I said - an indexing problem , or perhaps nscd.
Responses coming back too slow for finger.  Messed about with different
indexing schemes (they are currently this:

index gecos,cn,uid pres,eq,sub
index homeDirectory,objectClass,loginshell,gidnumber,uidnumber pres,eq

for an ldif of:

dn: uid=$user,ou=People,dc=ccil,dc=org
objectClass: top
objectClass: ccilAccount
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: ccilAddress
objectClass: ccilWorkAddress
objectClass: ccilPerson
cn: Some Guy
uid: $user
uidNumber: 11709
gidNumber: 100
homeDirectory: /home/u/$user
l: Smalltown
st: PA
postalCode: 12345
userPassword:: <secret>
loginShell: /bin/bash
gecos: Some Guy
pppAccess: TRUE
emailAccess: TRUE
registered: Oct 30 22:23:16 2001
street: 1224 Main St.
bday: 01-02-03
telephoneNumber: 215-555-1212
education: College Graduate
gender: Blank

(names changed to protect the innocent))

Changing indexing options, running slapindex over and over, no help.

By accident, I reran finger in my root session that was kept open as an
"I hope I don't hose something" backup plan, and it worked.  Now I start
to think ACL's, nscd permissions, etc, but I see nothing out of the
ordinary.  We're using a pretty close to stock Debian config for all of
this, with some minor tuning for indexing options and cache size, but
that's about it.  The ACL's are the stock ones, so I really don't know
what's falling over here.  Anybody have any ideas what to debug next?

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