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Re: Which SATA RAID controller?

* Michael Kreilmeier schrieb am 23.03.04 um 20:20 Uhr:
> Hi!
> What would be the disadvantage of a ICH5-R based RAID (ships with many
> mainboards) over a Promise pseudo-hardware-RAID?
> Does anybody know wether you can hot-swap with a ICH5-R/Promise-System
> or even Linux-Software-RAID, or not?

AFAIK thats only possible with real hardware raid. You can do hot
swap with 3ware controllers. Maybe it works with vortex controllers
too. 3ware offers hot swap cases for ide, too.

no I am not working for 3ware ;-)

I had excellent experiences with ICP Vortex SCSI raid controllers
that were produced before they were sucked by Intel. Maybe the new
(?) ide raid controllers from them are also very good...


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