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Re: Which SATA RAID controller?


I would recommend to take both and tell us about your experience ;-)

3ware is _hardware_ raid
Promise is pseudo-hardware (i.e. parity calc is done in the pc cpu)

Promise(tx4000 based?) offers a (GPL) 2.4x kernel driver, but not as kernel patch but as separate module, i.e. you have to to initrd to boot from that md-device (I prefer ide and md driver statically linked to the kernel). 2.6.x has a driver built in. I dont know whats the current status of serial ATA in the kernel (There are (generic?) patches out I heard) With this pseudo-hardware raid I would use linux software raid on it instead of promise raid drivers drivers. This gives you the possibility to mount the disks on any ide port :-)

Promise and Highpoint is pseudo-hardware (i.e. parity calc is done in the pc cpu/driver) If you go for a pseudo-raid solution you should also have a look at the highpoint based solutions, i.e. RocketRAID (1520 two channel ... 1820 8 channel). My experience with Highpoint is gerenally better than with Promise, but I ordered my first RR 1520 Controller 2 Days ago. It's not here yet ;-)


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Franz Georg Köhler wrote:
On Di, Mär 23, 2004 at 06:10:23 +0100, Marcin Owsiany <porridge@debian.org> wrote:


I need to choose between:
- 3Ware Escalade 8006-2LP
- Promise Fast Track S150 TX4

The Fast Track is a little cheaper, and has 4 interfaces (3Ware only 2).
Is there any good reason to choose 3Ware?

If I was spoilt for choice between the two above I wouldn't choose the
Promise controller.

If you are in need for 4 channels you might want to check out ICP-Vortex

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