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Re: Fun with routes

aCaB wrote:

I was trying to figure out a cheap solution to increase upload speed for
one of my customers (currently using ADSL).

I soon realized that dedicated lines such as CDN, HDSL etc are too
expensive in respect to common ADSL and come up with a brain-dead idea
of bounding various ADSL lines together...

Let's say I have ISP-A and ISP-B providing me 2 lines with static
addresses IP-A and IP-B; both ISP's allows source address spoofing.
For simplicity let's also say I will only accept incoming connections on IP-A, but, to increase upload speed, I want reply packets to come out both from ISP-A (with no modifications) AND ISP-B (with source address

I'm quite sure this can be done, but I'm not sure if iproute2 would do

Any ideas?

I'm aware of legal concerns regarding IP spoofing, so that this idea is
quite unlikely to become a real life example, but I'd still like to know
about it for my own curiosity's sake.

Thanks a lot.

First off, ISP-B should be dropping your spoofed packets on the floor once they hit their network. Your example does specify that this is not the case, though.

Load balancing the two will become a problem... how does your computer decide which path to send on? Aside from a few specific cases (like equal-cost load balancing) your routing protocol/procedure/program should make the same decision every time for where a packet should be routed.

A much easier way to do this, using existing proven technology would be MLPPP to one provider (assuming that your provider supports MLPPP and that you can get client hardware to do so as well). Some careful routing with two separate DSL connections to the same provider will work as well.


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