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Re: ...please

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004 11:48, Michael Loftis <mloftis@modwest.com> wrote:
> I realise this but the debian lists aren't doing that one basic thing which
> really, truly, does stop atleast 70% of all spam, probably more, sent to
> lists.  Most of what we ALL get through these lists are from garbage
> addresses.  and DNSBLs don't help when the email is being relayed through a
> 'white' host.  Not at the front door anyway.  And I don't want to have to
> process them at all.

There are situations when people who aren't subscribed have a legitimate 
reason for posting.  Consider messages that get cross-posted to major lists 
such as linux-kernel.

Then there are subscribers who have multiple email addresses for categorising 
email who will have to make sure that they post using the correct From: field 
to have their mail go through.

As for a "white host", if it's relaying spam then it'll get added to a DNSBL 
soon enough.

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