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Re: Business e-mail monitoring

This can be done fairly simply in the system filter file. In your
exim.conf you'll need:

system_filter = /path/to/filter-file

If you want to copy all messages, both incoming and outgoing, use
something like:

if $recipients does not contain spy@yourdomain then
    unseen deliver spy@yourdomain

This is untested, but it's roughly what you want to do (i.e. checking
the recipients list to prevent loops). Of course the Exim manual
addresses filter files in great detail and should be your first port
of call.

Hope that helps.


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Subject: Business e-mail monitoring

One of my clients is a small business, and he wants to get a copy of
all e-mail sent to anyone
in his company (actually, he only needs a couple who he is really
concerned about). I use Exim
as my SMTP, running IMAP with procmail (via ~user/.procmail) to run
the mail through
spamassassin and other stuff.

Question is, I know I could do it via an individual .procmail (I
think), but that wouldn't
catch outgoing mail. Any ideas?



P.S. I checked and he does have a published Internet policy stating he
does do this, and has
had all his employee's sign a copy.


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