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How to calculate the memory req's of N apache instances?


What is the best way to estimate the memory requirements of say 1200
Apache Instances on a server when they currently look like this and
I do not expect great variability due to PHP doing mallocs or similar?

AFAIK those numbers are roughly the memory that the parent process uses
(which is why they are mostly identical) and in addition the amount
each thread has allocated for its own. Can I simply subtract the parent
memory in each line and sum up the results to have the real used memory?
(currently I would guess from the "free" output and the number of
threads running that each takes about 1M).

root      7703  0.0  0.1  7508 2912 ?        S    Feb29   0:00 httpd
httpd    29431  0.0  0.2  8072 4768 ?        S    16:00   0:01  \_ httpd
httpd    29432  0.0  0.2  8696 5460 ?        S    16:00   0:01  \_ httpd
httpd    29433  0.0  0.2  8124 4784 ?        S    16:00   0:02  \_ httpd



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