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Re: Why doesn't Exim ever clean out /var/spool/exim/input?

* Joe Emenaker schrieb am 28.01.04 um 22:23 Uhr:
> Here's a question that has always been bugging me.
> Ever since we moved from smail to exim many years ago at my isp, exim 
> never seems to discard messages in the input queue.
> Even though the single retry rule is the stock one (which retrys for 
> something like 4 days), we end up with stuff that is weeks... months 
> old. Periodically, it would get pretty full and we'd notice that there 
> were about 10 queue runners going and so I'd go in and do a "find" and 
> remove anything older than 14 days or so. I *had* to do a find, because 
> doing an "ls" would just sit there an churn for about a half-hour.
> Anyhow, as our customer base has grown and as their e-mail usage has 
> grown, the problem has reached an all-time high. With this SCO DDoS 
> virus going around, I had occasion to go clean out the input queue 
> again.....
> The directory was using 17 megs....
> I'm not talking about the FILES in the directory... I'm talking about 
> the directory ENTRIES (filename, inode number, etc.). I was forced to 
> just say "screw it!" and I mv'd the input and msglog folders to other 
> names and then created new, empty ones so that our mail server wouldn't 
> buckle under the load.
> But anyway, like the subject line says, my real question is: why doesn't 
> Exim ever clean this stuff out itself?

additional to the other postings something like

ignore_errmsg_errors_after =  16h

is also useful


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