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Re: AOL testing new anti-spam technology

Russell Coker wrote:
> I've just implemented it the DNS for my domain.  It was easy enough to do, and 
> doesn't seem to have any great issues.  No mail from me has been blocked yet.

Do beware of the .forward issue.

> The next thing is to make my mail server check such records before receiving 
> mail.

Next version of spamassassin is supposed to do that.

> Once we get some good test results we can ask the Debian listmasters to 
> consider implementing it for lists.debian.org.  There are significant 
> problems with spam going to the Debian lists and of @lists.debian.org 
> addresses being used to spam other people and causing bounce messages.

One thing I've been wondering about is pseudo-forged @debian.org From
addresses (like mine) and spf. It would seem we can never turn it on for
toplevel debian.org without some large changes in how developers send
their email.

see shy jo

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