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Re: FreeBSD/ Redhat / Debian

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 11:12, Jose Alberto Guzman <jose@listas.iteso.mx> wrote:
>   As for the time consuming job part, it may be so, if your hardware is
> something like a pentium mmx, nowadays it takes less than 3 or 4 minutes
> to recompile a 2.4, and maybe other 3 or 4 mins. from reboot to login
> prompt.

If you compile a kernel that has the bare minimum of features needed for one 
machine then this may be the case.  If you compile a kernel suitable for many 
machines on a low-end P3 machine (such as the P3-650 I use) then it can take 
quite a bit longer.  Also there is the issue of maintaining kernel patches 
where necessary and testing.

The release of a new kernel demands a minimum of 6 hours work for me, although 
that includes producing 4 different kernel-patch packages for Debian...

But there are kernel-image packages available which remove a lot of this work.

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