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Re: Tracing silent crashes


On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, John Ackermann N8UR wrote:
> Upon reboot things return to normal and there's no trace of anything in the
> logs to indicate what the problem.
> I guess I have two questions -- does anyone recognize this problem, and is
> there any way to capture more data that might give me a clue about what's
> happening.  The normal log files don't yield a clue.
This could be, because the buffers don't get synced to the hdd, and
therefore you'll see nothing. Try to do some logging over network, if it
possible, or tell syslog to sync every write request.

If you won't see the error message either, i can only think of a broken
utp cable. Anyway, try to connect a display to that machine in these
kind of situations :)

Oh, never forgot to mention: upgrade your kernel to 2.4.24!
People have revealed many and many security flaws in the kernel

Best regards,
SZALAY Attila / mrwas at cdata.hu / (20) 416 13 78

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