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Re: debian on HP proliant

Am Fr, den 16.01.2004 schrieb Francis Tyers um 16:15:
> We have a load of DL380s/DL360s here, any issues feel free to give me a
> mail...
> The onboard 'scsi' controller appears as a block device and not as a
> scsi device under linux. 

Though I can confirm that the SmartArray 5 work like a charm with Debian
Woody (using the cciss module) the ProLiant DL320 are IDE-Machines which
don't have a SCSI controller but a IDE-RAID.

I assume it's based on the Fasttrack chipset which works with Debian
woody out-of-the-box too. You can access the array via /dev/ataraid/d0,
the partitions will be called /dev/ataraid/d0pX.

(Maybe worth mentioning: I recently had some problems with never
revisions of the Fasttrack TX-2 chipset which doesn't seem to work with
the modules in 2.4 kernels. Older controllers from the same series
worked just fine, but newer one are not even detected by the kernel)

Having said that, the ProLiant ML330 come with an ATA-RAID which is
based on an LSI chipset (MegaIDE) which is not supported by Debian - the
only driver available is a half GNU, half closed-source driver.
Furthermore the drives attached to those IDE-Ports are not accessible as
"normal" IDE devices (i.e. /dev/hda) so you basically get a machine
without any usable IDE interface except for one which is attached to the
If you buy one of these machines you'll either have to use a model with
SCSI controller or install an extra IDE-controller.

best regards,
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