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two router one host

I have got a second connection.
My server is in one class C subnet, say a.b.c.d with a default gateway 
I have added a second connection eth1 g.f.e.246/30 (whose router, you 
can guess, is g.f.e.245) .
Of course with this setup i can only access the router via the second NIC.
If i add a second default route it end always using the second nic, it works 
for some addresses, but not for most: it looks that some host use the 
"other" route and the packet are not answered .
I fear that it sends packets via eth1 with a.b.c.d address.
What is the setup i have to add to have it working correctly.
Also is there a script to change default route from one NIC to the Other if 
the connection is broken ?
Leonardo Boselli
Nucleo informatico e Telematico 
Dipartimento Ingegneria Civile
Universita` di Firenze
Via Santa Marta 3
I-50139 Firenze
+39 055-4796-431
+39 348-8605-348
fax 055-495-333

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