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kernel: svc: bad direction 65549, dropping request


I'm getting this error message for some hours now but have no clue why.
The server is running Debian woody and there was no change in the config
the last weeks.

I already googled the web and learned that the message is originated by 
the kernel file "net/sunrpc/svc.c" and has been caused to others due to
 - compression on an ISDN line
 - IP address conflict on the LAN

Both does not fit and I'm fearing a DoS/attack. As the computer is
firewalled and both NFS server and client at once with NFS exported to
just one other NIC which is currently disconnected, I'm not sure where
to debug. tcpdump on the external NIC shows no strange/spoofed traffic
which would indicate wrong iptable rules.

Any hints?



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