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Re: Debian on a Dell-Server???

On Fri, Jan 02, 2004 at 06:40:35PM +0000, Steve Kemp wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 02, 2004 at 07:36:44PM +0100, Daniel Holze wrote:
> >   Anyone know, if i can Debian on an Dell-Server?
> >   Dell says olny RedHat9 :-/
>   I have several big Dell boxes which came pre-installed with RedHat
>  and were immediately wiped and replaced with Debian.
>   (I can find a list of model numbers when I'm back in the office next
>  week if that's useful)
>   But to be honest if the hardware is supported under RedHat that
>  demonstrates that the Kernel can recognise the hardware, unless
>  there are extra drivers with RedHat.   If the hardware is recognised
>  (RAID controllers, SCSI tape devices, etc) you should be able to switch
>  from one distribution to another pretty much without effort.
>   (Assuming they run comparible numbered kernels).
> Steve
> --

Dell offers a pre install OS collection witch only contains RH9 when it
comes to linux. It's not a mandatory to run RH9, and it's even possible to
get a clean box without an OS. There will be, however, no support for the

And I agree with Steve. You will find hardly any issues whitch could make
you stumble during the setup. This goes for almost any configuration that
dell has to offer. Extensive documentation is provided by Dell, and it isn't
half bad.



Mark Lijftogt

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