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Re: Best Practices: CGI.pm & CSS2 ???

Erik Grinaker <erikg@wired-networks.net> [2003:12:30:18:05:37+0100] scribed:
> On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 17:26, Chris Wagner wrote:
> > Cascading Style Sheets.  Deprecated.  I have seen so many bad uses of style
> > sheets it makes me want to cry out in anger.  So just don't use them unless
> > there's no other way to do it.  They are almost guaranteed to cause
> > compatibility problems.  The problem is that some bonehead writes a style
> > sheet that makes a webpage look good on *their* computer.  To hell with
> > everybody else who doesn't have the same monitor, resolution, fonts,
> > browser, etc.  The one thing they are "good" for is making themes but be
> > careful that it's still ledgible on other machines.  I have them turned off
> > in my browser.
> This is probably going to end up as a flamewar, but I'll throw in my two
> cents anyways.
<snip />

Yes, I am quite familiar with all three tools -- separately.

I believe that they are all the right choices for my project.  However,
I do not fully understand how they play together -- and, when they do
not play well together ;>

Hence, my post . . .

Best Regards,

mds resource
Dare to fix things before they break . . .
Our capacity for understanding is inversely proportional to how much
we think we know.  The more I know, the more I know I don't know . . .

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