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Intel Hyperthreading problem on server?

Hi All...

Do you guys know anything about a problem with Intel Hyperthreading (eg.
on the Intel 2.4Ghz HT-enabled processor) that would cause the load
average to jump to over 200?

Here is the log line:

Dec 16 22:48:17 be watchdog[250]: loadavg 203 101 40 is higher than the
given threshold 200 150 100!

(then it reboots)

This happened on the 2.4.22 kernel, and now I tried it with the 2.4.23
kernel, and it has the same problem.

When the kernel is compiled WITHOUT SMP support, the kernel works fine,
and it can have uptimes of months without any problem. But when SMP is
compiled in, and the HT processor is correctly identified (and top can see
CPU0 and CPU1), then it only takes about an hour or two of operation
before the load average jumps like that. Note that this is with Debian
woody/stable, and with a clean kernel.org kernel.

Do you guys know anything about this, or have any ideas where I should
look? Is there something in Woody that isn't friendly with SMP or perhaps
HyperThreading processors?

Thanks in advance.


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