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Re: Resource consumption.

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003 23:03, Rudi Starcevic wrote:
> I'm pretty sure I have a cron job analysing apache logs which is
> consuming too much of the system's resources.
> So much is spent on Webalizer and Awstats that the web server stops
> answering requests.

CPU time or IO bandwidth?

> The output of `uptime` was something like 2.2 before I manually kill the
> script and all is OK again.

2.2 should not be a great problem.  A machine that has a single CPU and a 
single hard disk probably won't be giving good performance when it's load 
average exceeds 2.0, but it should still work.

But if your processing takes longer than the cron interval then you will have 
serious problems.  Changing the cron interval from 4 hours to 24 may reduce 
the chance of getting two cron jobs running at the same time.

Also you may want to consider adding more RAM.  Webalizer can get a bit memory 
hungry at times, and it seems to have fairly linear data access patterns so 
when it starts paging it thrashes.

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