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Re: remote system monitor


On Thu, 23 Oct 2003 16:32:53 +0200 Filippo Basso <debian@zirak.it>

> I want to make some tests with an old webserver, and my laptop, and
> want to use a not too complex agent, but with some graphical analisys
> on parameter like cpu/memory/disk and something that can ask apache, 
> qmail,... Nice is also to raise alarms on certain conditions...
> Now I'm looking at Nagios, and I've to say that it's really nice!!! I 
> can attach some my plugin in C++ or bash, and it keep a graphical 
> snapshoot of what's happening...

(alas, as soon as the server is repaired *grrr*)
You'll have to adapt it to your disk layout etc, but the basics should
be there.


Volker Tanger

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