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Re: Mail Queue timeouts

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003 at 15:12:55 +1100, Lauchlin Wilkinson wrote:
> Hi,
> what are peoples thoughts on the length of time mail should sit in the 
> mail queue?  Due to the rise in the amount of spam and viruses that 
> seems to be going around lately I throttled back the delivery warning 
> back to 30 minutes and the delivery failure back to 12 hours.  My logic 
> is that most people these days expect e-mail to be pretty instant so to 
> have mail sitting in a queue for 7 days and not getting a warning for 
> several hours seems a bit old fashioned.   So far 12 hours and 30 
> minutes seems to be working well.  What are other people doing?

Just a note: I have noticed that sending warnings about messages waiting
in the queue causes problems with e.g. mailing lists - users get removed
from mailing lists by list manager programs which treat warnings as

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