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Fwd: NDN: LDAP with htaccess file... problems.

Hi All,

I am trying to use ldap in my .htaccess file to restrict access to
users who have a valid uid and password in the ldap server.  The
package I installed is libapache_auth_ldap.

This is in .htaccess file:

AuthName "Students"
AuthType Basic
AuthLDAPURL ldap://ourserver:389/o=Princeton
require valid-user

Using this, the .htaccess file works enough to pop up the
authentication box, but when I put in a valid uid/pass, the browser
gives me an Internal Error message. In the apache error logs it says:

Search must return exactly 1 entry; found 0 entries for search
(&(objectclass=*)(uid=phoebe)): URI /testdirectory

If I change my AuthLDAPURL to end with "?sn"   and enter an
appropriate surname/pass, then I either get:  1.  an error message
saying too many names came back, or, if i use a unique surname, then i
get no error messages and the browswer just hangs forever. 
Inidicating, perhaps, that the search worked and then I am missing a
step so that it grants me access to the webpage.

When we search from the command line, we cannot see the UID.  We
cannot search on it, and it is not returned to us.

It seems as though our LDAP does not have the UID available to search.
 The authentication is working somewhat, because of the surname search
will return multiple entries and we can see the error logs.  Is there
a way I can change the permissions on our LDAP server?

Phoebe Reed

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