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Re: Spoon feeding Exchange with Sendmail

Jon Wood wrote:

Quoting "R.M. Evers" <debian@hbh-it.nl>:

doesn't exchange come with some pop-connector tool to download mail from
a pop-server? i know it's not the coolest solution, though i believe it
works ;-)

There are many commercially available exchange pop down-loaders but Exchange dose not come with any in the standard addition. In my case the Win2k server is sitting in a LAN with no route to the internet but can get data from our DMZ and the linux server is sitting in the DMZ and is online all the time. I don't trust the Win2k Exchange server on the internet ;-) I'm working on getting a suitable solution working with fetchmail to pass remote mail to the local mail server (Exchange), in the future I would like to be able to filter all the mail for spam and viruses on the Linux server, but I figured this is a good first step.



On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 20:52, Jody Grafals wrote:
Spoon feeding Exchange with Sendmail

Is it possible to somehow use my Debian Linux server as a tool to
download pop mail from a remote server then forward it to my  local mail
server (Exchange), I was thinking Sendmail might be able to do something
like this but I could not find any documentation.

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