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Re: two nic same server

On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Dan MacNeil wrote:
> Rod & Frode,
> Thanks for your help. (Rod I took the liberty of replying to
> the list w/o without your email as your answer may be helpful
> to other people.)
Hey ! My question was different.
I appreciate your help, but my original question was different:
I have one machine that is accessible either with an address a.b.c.d or
with an address e.f.g.h .
the first one has a very good connection but at certain times for
periods between a few minutes to some hour could be unreacheable from 
some networks. The second conenction is much more viable, but is veeeery
The question was: how can i set a DNS so any client would use the first
connection, unless it is ureacheable for more than 2 minutes, in which
case would use second one ?

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