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Re: Sugesstions building a rather big mail system.

On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 03:20:09PM +0200, Markus Oswald wrote:
> Real fun is backing up the data as you have lots of small files across
> multiple servers which are changing all the time as users access their
> mail via IMAP or receive something. For 500k user you'll probably want a
> quite good backup concept too. Using a SAN or NAS approach for storage
> might be an advantage here.

What about using localization with ldap and a pop/imap proxy:

Users are dispatched on several real pop/imap servers

postfix deliver to the correct server according to the ldap entry

pop/imap proxies are load balanced and connect to the right server
according to the ldap entry for that user.

Like this you avoid a central storage. If one pop/imap server crash, it
affects only users on this server. Each pop/imap server need to have
RAID and backups ;-)

I made a similar think for less users, but it works really well and
seems to have good scalability.

(softwares used: postfix, courier-pop/imap, perdition, openldap)

My 1.9 cents.

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