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Re: Software for WLAN Hotspot -- pam_iptables


I just happened to be doing some work with PAM today and then glanced over here at the Debian ISP mailing list.

There is actually a pam_iptables module. Maybe it will be useful for this subject.

Check it out;



Leonardo Boselli wrote:

I have a similar problem: ethernet socket in a public acxcessible area. This means that anyone can just plug his PC and get an address. We want to limit the possibility to exit from the network only to authorized people. The way we did was by assigning private address and then asking the user to log in a web page with username and password. on the gateway machine each internal address is masquareaded into a public address for a certain interval of time. This way is not necessary for the user to set any proxy [incidentally: setting one lock out the machine !] so anyone can plug in and then after logging use the net.
I think this should be perfect for your use.

Il 15 Aug 2003 alle 11:55, Alex Borges immise in rete:

The new buzzword for solutions to the wifi solution provider is VBN or
visitor based networking. Dumb boxes that force each user to authenticate, then take appropriate
steps in the firewall/proxy...etc.
There was a thread about that a couple of months before.
Please dont go and buy a cisco box. I think we need a FLOSS VBN box in
debian. Im interested in doin it too.

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