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Re: Software for WLAN Hotspot

The new buzzword for solutions to the wifi solution provider is VBN or
visitor based networking. 

Dumb boxes that force each user to authenticate, then take appropriate
steps in the firewall/proxy...etc.

There was a thread about that a couple of months before.

Please dont go and buy a cisco box. I think we need a FLOSS VBN box in
debian. Im interested in doin it too.

El vie, 15-08-2003 a las 10:35, Kay-Michael Voit escribió:
> Hi,
> I'm considering to build up a public wlan hotspot. I need time-limited 
> authentification, mainly for identity logging purposes, not for billing.
> I thougt about buying tickets (perhaps around 1 EUR/h) with time-limited 
> username and password on it.
> Where should I put in the authentification? At the proxy? Which software 
> should I use? afaik I have to open the wlan, do I? How do commercial 
> solutions work?
> I need only very basic answer, only something to search for. I don't 
> really know what to begin with....
> Thanks in advance,
> Kay

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