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Re: Count traffic

Just add one common logfile for all virtual hosts in which you 
account all file-requests. Writing a small script you can get domain 
=> customer-relations for billing. That's your only chance for 
virtual hosts.


On 13 Aug 2003 at 11:08, Domainbox, Tim Abenath wrote:

> > I'm searching a solution to count in- and outgoing traffic for each
> > virtual user (domain).
> I searched for a solution some Month ago. All accounting i could find
> is based on ipchains/iptables who are not working on the needed Layer
> to seperate virtual Hosts. They just work up to the tcp Layer, so you
> can only seperate between ip's. There are Solutions to Account virtual
> Hosts, but the are not free. I now patched iptables to get an promisc
> chains on which i account the traffic ip-based.
> http://idea.hosting.lv/a/iptables-promisc/

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