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Re: netsaint-neat errors

On Wednesday 23 July 2003 3:48 pm, Wim Fournier wrote:
> > I'm running woody with no funny stuff or backports, and have installed
> > Netsaint and the netsaint-neat CGI config editor.
> Are you running netsaint?? In my opinion its much better to install Nagios
> instead as netsaint is not being developed any more.

Yes, I've been discovering that in the last half hour or so... I've pulled a 
nagios-mysql backport for woody via www.apt-get.org, so I'll give that a go.

> And about neat, well... I never got it to work nicely and it doesn't make
> any sense anyhow (IMHO), just learn the configfile syntax... its much
> easier..

I agree, I'm usually a greater fan of text files - but I thought just for once 
it might be nice to take the easy route ;) Oh well ... 

Thanks anyway,

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