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Re: mod_perl and mod_asp

One reason to avoid mod_perl is memory consumption. CGI scripts take up
memory only when they are running. --You can have hundreds of CGI scripts
on your server.  When we moved to mod_perl our apache processes moved from
taking about 3M each to about 8M each. With a 100 processes this might be
an issue for you.

On the other hand if you are running a cgi script more than twice a
second, mod_perl is a big win.

To answer your question, putting SSL & mode_perl on the same server
works fine for us. You might think of separate servers for CGI and
mod_perl though.

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Rod Rodolico wrote:

> Ok, this is likely a major stupid question.
> I need mod_asp for my apache 1.3 server. I installed mod_perl and mod_asp
> via dselect on my development server, but see no configuration changed in
> httpd.conf. I see no sign that mod_perl or mod_asp were installed, and
> have discovered no way to see what modules are loaded by an instance of
> apache.
> Is mod_perl loaded via some kind of pfm? I have rtfm'd, but haven't seen
> anything on the mod_perl v1 being loaded as a module.
> I basically have no clue what is going on here. Is it loaded? Is there a
> way to verify it? Or, do I need to add a LoadModule mod_perl entry. I
> tried that, but mod_perl was not found in mod_perl.so
> Finally, is there any reason I should not build a mod_perl & mod_ssl
> version of apache? I use ssl on some of my sites, and I write a lot of
> perl cgi scripts. Currently, my production server has an apache-ssl and a
> standard apache server running (two servers), and I need the ability to
> run perl on both. I'm thinking I should have only one server, with the
> ability to run ssl and perl. Suggestions?
> Thanks
> Rod

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