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Maildir vs. mailbox

I'm the one who was talking about migrating the servers to a Compaq Proliant 
First of all I want to thank you all for your support. 15 replys in >24 hours. 
Thank you very much (I was quite worried about that).

Now, as the migration is imminent, I thought that I can take profit and build 
the servers from zero, and install them the ideal way (that is probably not 
using sendmail, probably not using bind, probably using apache2...).

Looking docs, I've decided to move mail server from sendmail+qpop to 
postfix+courier. And now I wonder if I should move to maildir format or stay 
mbox format. I've found a lot of scripts to convert (mb2md-2 looks pretty 
well), but I've not found any site explaining why should I move to maildir.

I suppose it's easier to open a mail in a maildir than do the same on a mbox 
(If the mbox is <20MB, qpop takes 80% of CPU for a while fetching it), but I 
do not know advantages/inconvenients. 

Any comments about this? Any site with comments about this?

Thanks in advance

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