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Re: OT: German KK-applications and domain transfers

On 23 May 2003 at 15:14, Cameron Moore wrote:

> A customer of mine is wanting to buy a domain from a German citizen.
> They tell me that the German told them to fill out a KK-application to
> get the domain transferred.  Can anyone tell me where to get more info
> on this KK-application (preferrably in English)?  My googling has
> turned up nothing informative.
> Also, does anyone know if this is really necessary?  Can we not just
> request the tranfer with our Registrar and let the registrars take
> care of the authentication and validation?

No, you normally fill out a KK form for transfering a domain to a new 
host. Changing the owner at the same time is normally to difficult. 
So I would propose:
Well the original owner (German) to change the owner to your customer 
(with address etc.) and then your client can initiate a transfer of 
the domain since he is the new owner.

The KK simply outlines "please transfer domain kjahaskdh.de owned by 
me (Peter Paul Something), living at kjhkashdkjh" "currently 
connected to the DNS at XXX" "to the company YYY which will take over 
the domain in a few days". Send this form to the company currently 
servicing the DNS for that domain so that he knows to whom the domain 
will be transfered and that he will allow the transfer to take place. 
Then you can easily request the domain-transfer.

If you have further questions simply ask. Hope my explanations were 
not too difficult to figure out :-)

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