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Re: Firewall on compac flash


On Fri, 23 May 2003 14:48:27 +0200 "debian-isp"
<debian-isp@lists.netways.de> wrote:

> We are just considering if we should try to set up our firewall on a
> Rackmountsystem with only Compac flash card and onboard cpu. Which
> would reduce a least the possibility of a harddisk crash, and would
> provide an easy possiblity to swap cards when there is a problem. The
> compac flash card (available also with 512MB is acting like a
> harddisk... Any experience with that kind of hardware ? 

Main problem with flash cards is the limited number of write cycles.
This may not be THAT much of a problem with config and even less with
the software.

One thing, though, often overseen: where do you put the logs? A firewall
without logs looses a *LOT* of its practical value.


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