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Re: Which SSL Company? (Slightly OT)

* dustin@freethelaplandsix.com (Dustin Douglas) [2003.05.21 16:43]:
> While this isn't exactly Debian related, it _is_ ISP related. 
> We'll shortly be purchasing an SSL Cert for one of our clients who is
> going to be launching an e-commerce site, but I'm at a loss as to
> which company to buy the Cert from. I'd prefer to avoid Verisign out
> of general principal, not to mention the fact that their prices are
> pretty steep. Thawte is a consideration with MUCH cheaper prices, but
> again Verisign is in the picture. Anyone have any other
> suggestions? I have considered signing my own certs, but
> don't think the client would appreciate the barrage of dialogs popped
> forth from IE. 

I've used both.  Haven't had an issue with Verisign or Thawte.  I now
use Thawte almost exclusively, unless the customers demands to have a
Verisign cert.
Cameron Moore
[ One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. ]

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