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Help. Looking for FTP solution for multiple clients.

   I am looking for a solution that may already exist.

   I have a client that i am VirtualHosting. The client is a business
that accepts very large files from their clients. They had everyone just
dump into one big FTP location but all of them were stealing each
others' files. :(

   I modified a PHP script for uploading which gave each of the
sub-clients their own sub-directory with username and password to upload
to. But for some reason, the script fails to upload anything larger than
about 5Mb (it's not the max_upload_filesize in php.ini which i
increased) Argh.

   So, does anyone have a simple or modifiable solution for:

- multiple sub-clients having their own FTP upload space (i don't want
to have to manually create user accounts and passwords for each of their
clients who come and go)
- no limit on file size (i suppose there is a real upper limit, but
100Mb is not unusual in this business)
- easy interface for the client and their clients

   Any help will greatly be appreciated.

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