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Re: [G] can't get mysqld to acceppt connections ..

Hi Gregory,

> Please could some one help, i can't get php page to connect via port
> 3306, i have set mysqld to listen on ip interfaces in the config. i
> have created a user in the in User and db with permitions but still
> get the following errors ..

Can you connect via a shell on that same host? It looks like you didn't
allow your webserver to access the database:

> Warning: Host 'xxx.x.xx.xxx' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL
> server in /home/web/linuxpro.co.za/www/htdocs/dev/index.php on line 7

This is a message from your databaseserver, not from your webserver.

A relatively simple "grant [whatever] on [database].[tables] to
[user]@'[ip.ad.dr.ess]' identified by '[password]'" should suffice.

Please read as much of the documentation on mysql.com as you can. After
all, this is a relatively basic MySQL question which in essence is not
Debian related.

Good luck!... Nico

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