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Re[2]: Help een dwerg

I think 1) has been discussed a few times...

BUT FULL ACK TO 2)!!!!!!!!!!

TA> 1) has any thought been put in place to moderate all posts from 
TA> non-subscribers and new subscribers? It will add a little bit of management 
TA> time but would cut out a huge amount of the spam this list receives (hell, 
TA> I've only been on here about a week and I've received 7 or 8 spams through 
TA> this and other lists).

TA> 2) could the goddamn reply address be set to go back to the LIST rather than 
TA> to the original sender? I don't know how many times I've clicked Reply, typed 
TA> out a message, and only realised at the last second that it's going to go 
TA> direct to the original sender rather than the list (requiring a quick jump 
TA> back to the original message, click on Reply All, cut and paste the list 
TA> address .. ). It's annoying to have to remember to do this every time.

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