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RE: Network monitor

Nagios (Netsaint is the prior version of it, in stable)
will do it.  I presume the servers are local, so lagging
should not be an issue (can be for multiple sites with
Nagios if not config'ed properly).  Alerts can be emailed
out as well as visual on the screen.  Web based via Apache
as well, love it personally.

www.nagios.com to check out the screen shots and such.


--- Crawford

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> From: Ghe Rivero [mailto:ghe_rivero@yahoo.es]
> Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003 4:31 PM
> To: debian-isp
> Subject: Network monitor
> Hi! 
> 	I would like to monitor a complex and heterogeneus network, 
> but i dont
> know what to use for it. It should be almost real time monitor and has
> any kind of alerts (sound, sms..) Any idea? Thx
> Ghe  Rivero
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