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Re: order enquiry

abiodun mathins wrote:

l am pleased with your online  product and
i will like to purchase some of your items to my Work
shop in Nigeria.
the following items are:

Orinoco ROR-1000 Remote Outdoor Router(2pieces)
Orinoco COR-1100 Central Outdoor Router  (2 pieces)

please send me the price list together with the
shipping fee through DHL Courier Service to my address in
133,Kayode Street,
I will be willing to know your method of paymnets.

Abiodun Martins...

Dear sirs,

I would be most happy to provide you with the requested equipment at pricing which will be most favorable to you. As you may be aware, my father, the president of Insanely Big Hardware Company Inc. was recently incarcerated on charges of financial misdoing. Once I can clear up certain financial obligations associated with this unfortunate occurrence, I will have access to untold sums of money and equipment, and I will be able to send the equipment to you.

I would like your help to expedite the order. Please send $20,000 unmarked US dollars in large plastic bags. Once the financial arrangements are complete, I will ship your order.




Rich Puhek
ETN Systems Inc.
2125 1st Ave East
Hibbing MN 55746

tel:   218.262.1130
email: rpuhek@etnsystems.com

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